Monday, September 1, 2008

Day 8


The husband and I have been having a blast this morning! We've been looking into this geocache stuff and decided to give it a try since there are a ton of these things around here. One of the caches was right down by the town pound, where we wanted to go look and see if the "dog of my dreams" was there.

On the way down, we passed the pound road and decided to look for the cache first because that would be the first turn around anyway. The cache was at the Eagle Lookout down by the reservoir. This is a place we know quite well and usually try to visit in the spring when the eagles are nesting down there. We did see geese and I even got a shot of one of the eagle nests, now empty because the little guys are flying on their own, and...we found the cache! Really cool and we had a good time! Also, that cache we found on the ground rather than "above ground" as stated on the site.

We got back in the car and headed up to the pound where I think the real "treasure" of the day was found. There was one dog in the pound. He was abandonded and is about six months old. By my own estimation, I would say he's a mix between a boxer and a St. Bernard. He's a goofball and really wants out of that pen, young enough to train and by the look of the paws will certainly be big enough to keep the bears away when we head up the hill to get berries. He's a little on the hyper side, but I think that has a lot to do with being confined. He's got a shaggy, brindle colored coat, a good face and eyes and was not at all happy when we left.

So, we came home and I called the Animal Control Officer, who has just returned my call. "Bernie," the dog, was supposed to be put down this weekend because he has been at the pound for two months now. Because of the holiday, they couldn't schedule it. Tomorrow, instead of being scheduled for that, he will be scheduled for his rabies vaccine and... adoption... and he loves blueberries! :-) I'm going over to "socialize" with him in the morning...and maybe we will take Willie, my husband's dog, over to meet him now, I am being told because our friend who went to find the cache at the Eagle Observation point is obviously lost, even with the GPS.

So life is really good right now and sometime tonight I hope to finish the writeup on the geocaching stuff because we hit two other sites and I want to write them up as well, but for now,
I'm going to see MY dog!

Happy wandering!

The Writer...AND HER DOG!

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