Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Day 31

And life is getting better. I was off from my job today, a good thing considering that the job that I interviewed for last week called and...I got it! This is going to work much better for Bear and me because I will be working fewer but consistent hours every week and earning more than I was working 40 plus hours a week. Instead of being alone for six to eight hours a day, Bear will be alone for four hours and roughly 40 minutes. This is a "cratable" time frame, I think. I really hate the idea of crating him, but it's either that or the living room at this point. Once he's fixed, he should calm down, but that is still at the discretion of the town hall at the moment.

After getting the news about the job today, I called the woman I worked for and let her know I won't be in again. She knew this was coming when she hired me so it wasn't a great shock to her. She was kind of happy for me and offered to pay me today for the one day that I actually had work from her this week. I decided to take Bear with me to get my check and he proceeded to throw up all over the inside of the back of my car for one of two reasons: a) we changed the type of food he is on today and its not agreeing with him b) he gets car sick. Thus we are going to have to work on the car training to discern what, exactly, is going on with him. He's been acting kind of "under the weather" since we got back, so I'm not sure its not the food. He seems to like the taste of it, but also seems to not be quite himself so we shall see how he is tomorrow.

Happy wandering!

The Writer...and her dog, Bear


~Marie~ said...

I crate Peanut when no one is home, it makes me feel better. I know he won't get into something when he is in the crate.

As for the throwing up, when I first got Peanut as a pup, I switched his food. The food he was eating before that gave him horendous gas... he literally would clear the room. So the then food I gave him after the gassy food, made him throw up. The vet reccommended one more food change and it was to an organic food. No more problems after that... food wise.

Katherine Mikshenas said...

Congratulations on your new job! I have to leave my dog sometimes for about 6 hours. Sometimes she does good and other days I am in for a couple of surprises. I find 4 hours is a good time. Kiely does really well for 4 hours. I also work with young children, special needs children. I work as a substitute teacher. I also hold a great passion for writing. We have a lot in common. Kiely has gotten car sick a couple of times. She gets so excited to go in the car that I think she gets sick. I always leave the back window open where she sits. I also bring cold water with me if we go long distances. This seems to help and she doesn't get sick. I will keep Bear in my prayers.
God bless you,
Kathy Mikshenas

saratogajean said...

Congrats on the new job! I've been really lucky with my dogs and being carsick, in that they aren't, so I don't have any advice there.

~Marie~ said...

I forgot to say congrats yesterday...

Congrats on your new job!