Monday, September 1, 2008

Day 8 part 2


Sorry about being "gushy" on the last post, but I'm really stoked about finding Bernie... Okay, we may have to change the name, but he's the dog! I've called my daughter and we are set to return Blackjack, aka Galumph, to her this coming weekend.
While I was talking to her I realized that until we had found the dog, we really didn't have any reason to really push to get BJ down to her. Now we do. I want him with her before we bring Bernie home. He's had enough separating to do and has been alone enough. Tomorrow morning I will be going over to walk with him for a while and spend some time as I will until we get him home.

So onto Geocaching! Our second site was kind of a surprise for both of us. It was a benchmark by a flower box that we see everyday. The things we didn't see were the rock sculpture of the turtle and the beavers at the box as well. The box has been there for a couple of years now and is in such a place that if you never stopped to look, you would definitely not see the turtle, which is the greatest part!

Pretty cool, huh? Anyway, very fun to find and I ask your forbearance with the photos as I'm just getting used to doing this on Blogger. So after this we went to our third cache site which was down by the covered bridge in town. This one got a little hairy as the cache was supposed to be hidden in the roots of an old tree stump next to the guardrail on the bank. There are several problems with this location. First, every spring the creek floods and the bank gets washed out. Anything hidden on that bank would probably not survive as these floods take down whole healthy trees, not to mention wash out all of the dead stumps and the like. Also, there is no longer a guardrail as the garden club had it removed to put up a fence and shrubbery during a town beautification project. Thus, if the floods didn't get the cache, the garden club probably did. In any event, we spent quite a bit of time climbing around the bank and seeing the bridge and brook from the underside which was really pretty fun! When we returned home, my husband discovered that someone had logged the cache as missing a while ago, soooo, it wasn't just us. The thing really isn't there.

We did have fun looking for it though!

So overall, a great day! We had a lot of fun and I'm going to put up this last picture, just because I can!

This is my dog, Bernie.

Happy wanderings!

The Writer...and her dog, Bernie

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cosmiccowgirl said...

You know what? I think that dog was MEANT for you! I mean talk about timing. I am just blown over by the fact that he had been there two months and he was the only one there. At the pound I worked at, we had five dogs per pen and only 72 hours to find them homes before their time was up. It was dismal.
GREAT JOB on the geocaching! I am so excited you are having fun with this. An excuse to wander! That stream looked really pretty.