Sunday, September 21, 2008

Day 26, 27 and 28

Oh boy! Three days tonight!

We are back from our trip, actually arriving home last night after having a great day in Greenport, New York! What a great town and festival they had there! If you're in the area next fall, be sure to stop in for this because it was a blast! Six pipe bands, great parade, air show, a ship from Mystic Seaport and a great waterfront make this a really great place to have a "Pirate Party!" Yes, I believe that sometime this month it was John Paul Jones' birthday...or maybe not, but its a great reason to have a party anyway...which the people of Greenport did...and we went to because my husband, as a 42nd Royal Highlander in the Brigade of the American Revolution...which is a Rev War reenacting group, was in the color guard for one of the pipe bands. So at 48 years old, I finally got to tell someone "I'm with the band" and got in for free.

The really cool thing about this festival is that it is DOG FRIENDLY with leash. We saw a lot of beautiful dogs and next year, ours will be among them, bus ride or no. Actually, I'd really love to take the dogs up and just walk the town without all of the festival stuff as it really is a lovely place! So this is definitely one to put on the list of where I want to go walking next summer or fall!

As to the dog sitting. They actually did quite well with it. Bear did have the predictable accidents, but Willie did as well which is not an okay thing. Will was pretty upset when we too BJ down to my daughter and isn't doing well when we are gone for too long. The house was clean when we got home, and everything was good, until Bear decided that he didn't have to "go" outside anymore and had two messes last night...which might have something to do with the five pears he stole out of the fruit bowl yesterday, so, while he did get reprimanded for the accidents, we got over it quickly!

Today, after his walk, he seems much more his "happy-go-lucky" self. We did some off leash play with him for the first time today and he did wonderfully! He's been watching Willie and the husband play ball since we got him, and today I decided that maybe it was time to learn how to play stick. Well, I didn't have to teach him on this one and he really enjoyed being able to run and romp with Willie over the stick! He also got his first ride in the truck today because we went up behind the house to start on the pears. We have a pear tree out behind the house here and Bear and I have been monitoring it for the perfect day for picking and today was the day.

The great thing about picking the pears is that, basically, we just shake the tree and they all fall down. Bear thought he'd died and gone to heaven on this one. He loves fruit in general and has been tasting the pears with me for a week or so now. When they all came falling down around him he just laid down and started munching away while we picked up the rest.

We saw Roy and his dad last night after we got home. They came up to the house around ten to take care of the dogs, which was great. He survived well and so did these guys. Dog sitters are definitely great as the dogs can be in their home, but they want to be with us and not having them there yesterday was the one thing that was missing from an otherwise perfect day. So, we work on the training a little more and little by little we will get there.

Happy wandering!

The Writer...and her dog, Bear
PS...and just because I want to try this, a very short video of a boat!


saratogajean said...

Congrats (to both you and Bear) on making it through your first weekend apart. I know it's still tough for me to leave my Ernie, but luckily he has an Uncle Steve who lets him sleep on the couch takes him on bike rides.

cosmiccowgirl said...

Sounds like a fun festival! Playing stick, eating pears, having a dog sitter...oh, the life of a pup. Glad to see everything worked out well.
If you decide to get your husband the Ipod, this Shuffle I have is inexpensive and easy to use. I would recommend it.

~Marie~ said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. I have never tried to see if Peanut likes Pears... maybe we will try one.