Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Day 10


Busy day today! I brought the furniture down yesterday and we broke it down last night. Pre-packing on the truck went well. Unfortunately, we aren't going to be in NC long enough to do any walking or geocaching this time. Basically we are going to sleep, get the furniture set up, sleep again and come home, but on Saturday, I think we will take a walk!

I'm looking forward to that at least.

My dog, who I can't name Bo because my husband really can't work with that name, is getting his shot today and will become "officially" my dog this afternoon. He will be staying at the pound until Saturday morning when we pick him up. I wish it could be sooner, but I really think it's better for him to stay there rather than being here in a new house with a complete stranger to feed him and let him out. The extra two days won't hurt him. We're having a friend come stay with Willie, my husband's dog, and feed the fish while we do this.

So, sorry for such a short blog today, but I've got stuff to get done here and not a lot of time to do it!

Happy wanderings!

The Writer...and her dog...who still doesn't have a name.

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