Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Day 16

...and she keeps on chugging away at it. Things are going relatively well today, except for the rain that is dumping here in the North East. Oh well. It could be snow, so I should be happy. We missed our morning walk due to excessive thunder and lightning, however, we did make the lunch walk, all three of us, and hopefully we might be able to have a dinner one too. That is the plan, at least. I'm trying to encourage the Vet to walk in the evening with me as it would be a good thing for both of us to get used to doing! We shall see how that goes tonight.

Today I turned my attention to the business end of this whole idea and it is a spiderweb! The basic idea remains the same, to get out and walk with the dogs, but our approach for sponsors needs to be tweaked. Then there are the logistics of the entire project and planning of where we actually want to go to. It's a lot to figure out, but I think if we put our heads together, we can come up with something.

I went looking around the blogger end of the web a bit today and was really kind of surprised at how few dog blogs were findable. I'm going to keep searching, because I really can't imagine people not writing about the adventures they have with their dogs...unless my hunch was right and they aren't having all that many adventures. It would be a great shame if they really aren't having that many adventures! For us, just walking down the road is like going on a vacation to a different planet! I'm really excited about the prospect of even thinking about a trip with these guys, but we're a ways from that yet.

Another event for today was meeting Paul-the-Hardware-Guy down at the Post Office. He owns the hardware store in town and has been a great help to us over the years with the myriad of plumbing supplies we've needed for this old farmhouse! One of the things I'd like to start doing in a bit for socializing these guys is to take them downtown to meet people. Our downtown isn't very big, really. It has the only blinking stop light within 7 miles, a deli, a hardware store, the post office and the library....and that's it...really. There's nothing else. So, I figured that we'd head down once these guys have passed "Greeting Walkers on the Road 101" and meet the folks in town. Oh! I forgot the Town Hall! That's downtown too. And then really, that's all there is.
I asked Paul if he allows dogs in the store and he said "No, but I do keep dog biscuits and come out and give them to the dogs while I say Hi."

So I've got a "sometime in the not too distant future date with Paul-the-Hardware-Guy." Now I just need to get with the Town Hall, Matti at the Deli, the Post Office and farmer Phil who likes my dog, because while he is a cattle farmer, he is also building a library and I think I could convince him to give Bear and I a tour of the place! I think this might be my first real "wandering trip" or as they say in Germany "Wanderung!"

We don't have that word in English or a word to convey quite the same meaning.

That needs to change.

Happy wanderings!

The Writer...and her dog, Bear

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cosmiccowgirl said...

Good job wiht the dog so far, and great ideas for socialization. So many people don't take that part of their job as a dog owner very seriously, but it is so important, as you know.
Guess I should write more about my dog adventures. I think we tend to take our dogs for granted. I love my two dogs but I guess for some reason I think people would find it boring, like talking about my kids all the time.
But you make it sound like such an interesting journey.