Thursday, September 11, 2008

Day 18

The Tale of Five Tails

We had kind of a crazy day yesterday with all of the Blogger stuff! If you're visiting from "Dog Parks," welcome! Feel free to look around and hang out. We're just working with the dogs here, which is developing into a full time job!

We are beginning to have a huge break through here with "The William." He's been pretty horrible since we got back from North Carolina and when Bear came into the picture, things just got worse. Never what I would call a "well behaved" or "good" dog, Willie is known throughout the neighborhood as "The Brat." He came to live with us shortly after the Vet returned from Iraq. At the time, we had two shepherds, Buddy and Rocksie. They were both getting old at the time and Rocksie had developed cancer in her gut while he was in Iraq. She was his dog and hung on until he got home.

Rocksie Buddy

He was devastated when we had to put her down and swore that there would be no more dogs, then the girlfriend of our nephew in Florida had a Cairn terrier that had pups of questionable heritage. My husband had always wanted a Cairn because he is into the whole Scottish heritage thing. Willie was the last of these pups, the runt of the litter and nobody wanted him. So, we snuck my nephew up to a family gathering in Philly, met him there and on my birthday and gave Willie to the Vet for my birthday present. Since then, Willie has ruled the roost and has been very spoiled, until Bear came along. BJ and Budman never questioned his authority as they were both large dogs and, for them, it wasn't an issue. Bear has and Will is having to make some adjustments.

One of the biggest problems we've had with Will is that he never played with our other dogs. Budman didn't play with toys, ever. He did like to romp, but his greatest joy in life was just to shepherd his family. BJ is a black lab and, would play with toys for like two seconds and then want to be under the hand and leaning on either my daughter or me. He did chew a good bone, but never really played with Will.

Baby Will and Bud BJ and his girl

Bear lives to play, and now, "The William" is having to learn how to do that with another dog. He's also learning that life consists of other things besides "ball." There are walks and grooming, petting time and even lap time with Mom. Yesterday was the first real play we've had with the dogs. When my husband got home from work, Willie, of course went to greet him and Bear did as well. Bear was on the 25 foot lunge line and they started playing with a tire toy that they both like. It was so great to see these two having fun together! Later in the evening, Will actually came over and sat on my lap for a while, an event that never happens with him. He's also sharing the toys, even the ball!

Willie and Bear

I feel like a balance is finally returning to the house that has been missing for a long time! Yes, the house is a mess right now as there are dog toys and blankets that Bear seems to enjoy rearranging all over the place, but the important thing, the rightness of the energy in the house, is coming back to us and balancing itself again.

Happy wanderings!

The Writer...and her dog, Bear

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