Sunday, September 28, 2008

Day 35

Wow! Busy weekend here! As promised, it rained...all weekend. Bear was okay with that for the first two days, but today we had to go for a walk. Because he's been cooped up with only really short games of ball and trips out to go "hurry," and because it was only misting heavily this morning, I decided to give him a treat and take him for a solo walk with me today. I think he really enjoyed having some quality time for himself and we enjoyed our walk before the torrent kicked in by the middle of the morning.

Today was a really big day for Bear because it was his first real experience with visitors coming to the house. We have a friend who is an Army buddy of my husband's who usually visits a lot but, due to our new arrival, hasn't really been here for the past few weeks. He came over today and we also had some friends up from Jersey for the afternoon.

I was a bit worried about Bear with all of this as he completely lost continence when the Army buddy arrived. He was so excited and spent about the first hour or so having accidents all over the downstairs between my taking him out. After that, he seemed to calm down a bit and we let him greet our friends from Jersey outside, which seemed to help. He really enjoyed having all of the people around and was really very calm around everyone, which was great to see! I was kind of worried about how he would react when people came to the house, but he was a real mush and not too pushy!

I think the day exhausted him, a blessing, because he is laying here in the doorway unconscious right now. It's good to see him tired out!

Hopefully tomorrow the sun will shine for a while!

Happy wandering!

The Writer...and her dog, Bear


Therra Cathryn said...

You wrote: "I was a bit worried about Bear with all of this as he completely lost continence when the Army buddy arrived..."

I write: I feel your(damp)pain! My dog Boomerang is a meet-and-greet tinkler when meeting new humans...sigh.

Hang in and keep us posted!

saratogajean said...

New People are exciting. At least he reacted in a friendly way! Ernie still gets way excited to see people, especially people he knows. Luckily he's not a tinkler, but he is a pleasepleasepleaseletmelickyourface kind of dog.

~Marie~ said...

I guess I am lucky in the sense that Peanut doesn't loose it when meeting new people, he just follows them everywhere, and procedes to get in their lap and bark until they pay attention to him. It can be quite funny, and annoying at the same time. Usually if the guest doesn't mind they let him sit on their lap for a bit. But if they do mind and usually keep telling him to get down, I tell him no. He minds usually pretty well.