Friday, September 12, 2008

Day 19

OH NO! It rained today... all day! Bear, the dog who has been getting three walks a day plus his yard time had to make due with one walk, plus, I had a job interview. My husband was here with him while I was gone as he was off and reported morbid depression accompanied by one great moan as Bear planted himself by the kitchen door until I returned. Basically, when I'm not here, bear lays by the door...or so we thought until we ran out to the grocery store. Something about living in the middle of nowhere which is that to get anywhere, it's about a half an hour. Thus, we were gone for about an hour and fifteen minutes total and the dogs were here, alone.

Willie did not eat Bear while we were gone. Bear did not eat any of my shoes or slippers that I have been finding soaked with slobber but intact all over the house. What we did find when we got home was a ball of twine...unraveled all over the living room, two freshly picked on the couch and one on the floor of the living room, that had been nibbled but not chewed and one empty soda bottle which had been removed from the recycle bin and was now on the living room floor.

There were no accidents.

I addressed the issue with my sternest voice and explained to Bear the error of his ways ... and the need to reform them immediately, as my husband stood by the living room door and giggled...nothing like a little back-up there. My husband then reasserted that this was not acceptable behavior with Bear by discussing the fact that this was "BAD DOG BEHAVIOR!"
Bear took us seriously for about two hot seconds and then resumed his attempts at frolicking with us.

I'm hoping the lesson took because I start work on Monday. It's a part time position and should allow time to maintain most of Bear's schedule. We will see how he does with it.

Another change that's happened in the house is that when we arrive home, the attacking of the kitchen door and barking doesn't occur anymore. That is a welcome change and having both of the dogs, while happy to see us, not jumping all over the place and going nuts is a relief! Hopefully this will continue as well.

Here in the Catskills, it's going to be raining all weekend, so rather than go up to Blueberry Heaven again, I think we're going to do some car training and go geocaching for a bit. We also have the dump to do tomorrow, which should be interesting. Our town dump...actually it isn't a dump it is a "Waste Station and Recycling Center" and is one of the "hubs" of our community. Everyone goes there on Saturdays and gets the local ... well, "guy gossip." The local "girl gossip" is acquired at the library, but if you want to really know what's going on with the men of the community, Saturday at the dump is where you find out! I'm sure that between Frank-down-the-hill and Phil the farmer, the whole town knows about Bear by now, so the talking should be pretty good down there tomorrow. I may just have to tag along with the Vet for this trip! We shall see.

Happy wanderings!

The Writer...and her dog, Bear

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saratogajean said...

Hello...just found your blog today from the "Dog Park Blog." Good luck on your adventures! I've got a semi-dog blog, with my two dogs, Dexter and Ernie.

I look forward to reading about your adventures!