Sunday, October 5, 2008

Days 41 and 42

HA! Contrary to urban legend, I did not get swallowed into the eternal abyss of deep frying grease and have returned from the "Pit of Despair," more locally known as the Funnel Cake Booth, and have lived to tell the tale as well! We had a great time yesterday in perfect weather and sold a ton of funnel cakes...gag, choke...I hate the smell of deep fried anything, but especially dough! That's okay, though, because I don't have to smell it again for a year, after which I will gladly tolerate the smell of because those funnel cakes are helping to build a library for my town which I will write more about at a later date.

Anyway, we returned home exhausted last night from "deep fried hell" to a destroyed kitchen. I had come home in the middle of the day to let Bear out of the cage and give the dogs a "hurry break." Will has been getting very territorial about the crate lately because, once upon a time, three years ago when he fit into the palm of my hand the 35" crate that we had belonged to Will. When I let the dogs out, Will went straight for Bear and attacked him. I was able to call him off of Bear outside, but Will escalated when we came in and I had to kick these dogs apart. So, rather than putting Bear into the crate which was obviously such an issue for Will, I decided to put Will in it for the afternoon.


Interestingly, Bear did not even go into the living room all afternoon. Nothing was out of place or
even touched. Will was just happily sleeping in his crate. The kitchen, however, was destroyed! Everything we had on the table was all over the floor. Garbage had been gotten into and was all over the place.

In short, I'm just going to have to get over my phobias about crating and Bear will be crated when we are not home from now on.

We are going to make a change, though. As this is such an issue with Will and the crate we are currently using was his a long time ago and he does have a right to be mad about Bear using it and it isn't fair to either dog to allow one to be out while the other is crated, we are going to retire this crate and purchase two new crates, a larger one for Bear and a smaller one for Will. Hopefully, in a week or so this problem should be solved.

After spending an hour cleaning up the mess, the husband and I sat down to dinner in the living room with the TV. We went from National Geographic to Animal Planet because the dog lady was on and then later, the Animal Planet Dog Championships. (Yes, there really are people in this world who watch dog shows on TV.) We watched along through the poodles and shaggy things and then, during the herding class suddenly they announced Hawk the Swedish Vallhund . I looked up, and there was Hawk! He wasn't just any Hawk, either. He was the same Hawk whose person I talk to on this blog!

I couldn't believe it! Our Hawk was right there on TV! How cool was that? Well, I thought it was pretty cool and tapped at Bear, who was laying on my feet watching with us, and told him to see how cool it was that Hawk was just prancing so smart in front of all of the TV cameras and the huge audience and wasn't chewing the kitchen apart and that this is what "good dogs" got to do when they don't chew kitchens apart.

He went out to the kitchen to get a schlarp of water and drool it all over the floor.

I emailed Hawk's person to ask if it was Hawk and, sure enough, it was! In point of fact, he will be appearing on Animal Planet again on...mark these dates....October 9, at 7:00 pm EST and again on October 11 at 2:00 pm EST.

Bear and I will probably be viewing both of these airings.

Oh, and last but certainly not least, Therra Cathryn, the answer to the argument is:

Even the rocks themselves shall sing!

Now how do I get this so I can put it up on the blog because its hysterical!
Happy wandering!

The Writer...and her dog, Bear


Sarah said...

Aww Bear, the kitchen?? Well, having lived with Weimaraners my entire life, I can't remember the last time we had a garbage can in the kitchen! Weims always seemed to find a way to the trash. :)

I had so many emails about my boy Hawk, it was really nice to hear from people who saw him and recognized him. I hope to go to a friend's house and watch on Thursday night. Even his handler Sherri called me tonight to see if I saw him. She said he looked great, so I can't wait to see him. And, I will admit to Bear that Hawk really is smart and doesn't get in trouble. My other dogs, well.... they'd be right in the middle of kitchen destruction if possible! I just had to escort Big Nick out of the kitchen. He's learned to open the baby gate that should keep him OUT of the kitchen. So now we have a baby gate with a bungee wrapped around to keep Nick from swinging the door open. I swear!

Irene said...

Oh boy, I can't believe that Willy attacked Bear over the cage. My, dogs can be so territorial, I had no idea. Poor Bear probably didn't know what hit him and here poor Willy had been getting madder by the hour. You are right, you need two cages as quickly as possible.

coopercreek said...

Yes, Hawk is our buddy, too. He's such a great dog. I did not know it was on, but Sarah emailed me and let me know it will be on again Thursday, so Cooper and Carly and I will definatly watch it.

The Hawkmesiter is a great representative of the S.V. breed. And gee, I get to say, I knew him when... and before they were entered in to AKC even. I get to meet Hawk's little baby, Frankie, in two weeks. I can't wait.

Anyway, I'm glad you are working through your crate issue. It will be much safer for the dogs and the house. Trust me. I have a dog that swallows arms and noses and tails off his toys.

Also, I don't know if you know this, but dogs can suffocate in potato chip bags. I know someone that lost their Cardigan Welsh Corgi that way. He got in the trash while she was gone. It was sad.

Take care!
Laura and the cardis.

P.S. Sarah is not the only one that can write long comments. LOL.