Sunday, October 12, 2008

Day 48

Boy, today is a lazy day! Well, not really but it feels like it. Bear and I went for a short walk this morning which he really seemed to enjoy and I used to kind of assess how much ground we have lost on his training with my foot thing. He didn't do too badly but any distractions present and he looses all concentration. I really need to work on that because when we are outside, his focus needs to be on me. He's doing pretty well off leash, however, he's starting to get interested in the deer tracks and that's not okay. We were able to call him off of one today, actually I was, by starting to run in the opposite direction he was going and calling him. His "fun junkie" instinct is still stronger than his hunting instinct and that's a good thing because it makes him easier to call out if he starts following on something he shouldn't.

I'm really starting to see a lot of boxer traits in his disposition. One of them is that if you chase or follow after him, he will continue to go where he is going and run. If you challenge him to a game of romp, he can't resist it. I think that Boxers train more easily if you make things a game rather than a challenge and I'm going to work with that and see if we can't improve his on leash behavior.

Bear is also being a real "cuddle bug" today which is really nice. He's been really calm and just following us around the house as we putter. When we sit, he is actually just laying down beside us and hanging out. He's enjoyed coming down to the basement with me and doing laundry or watching the husband work on the computer because his knees are still bothering.

I'm hoping to get another training session in tonight with Bear and maybe another short walk. We will see. I think we need to work on "come" for a bit.

Happy wandering!

The Writer...and her dog, Bear


Irene said...

Bear is turning out to be such a good dog. You'll have him trained in no time and he is already attached to you, no fear. How is your toe?

CC said...

Bear sounds like a very sweet and lovable teddy bear. Is there a certain training trick you use with the come command, I have two to train and they still want to be puppies and play verses listening to my commands.

saratogajean said...

My roommate and I used to play a game (recommended by my trainer) with Ernie when he was a puppy and still learning the "come" command. I'd go across the yard and my roommate would hold Ernie. I'd call him and call him, and get him really excited, and my roommate would keep holding him. He'd get so excited and squirmy, when she finally let him go (with me calling and praising him) he took off like a rocket across the yard. It worked really well for establishing "come" as a "running full speed to Mom is the most exciting thing ever" enforcer.