Monday, October 6, 2008

Day 43

Wow! do I feel broke but better. I just ordered the dog crates and decided that some of the things that really bug me about the crates, I can fix so I did. I really don't like that the dogs have no food or water access while crated. Kong toys aside, Bear is still a pup, drinks a ton of water and even for four hours, I worry that he has no water or food. The other issue is that they are planning on giving me more hours within a month or so at work, and especially if I have to be gone longer, I want food and water access. So I got a set of crate bowls for each of the crates.

The other thing that bugs me is that both of these dogs are smart and it gets pretty boring sitting in a cage, thus, I got each of them a Kong stuffy toy...I think they are called Dr. Noys and a special ball. Bear I picked one of the Bounzer Balls and Will, the tennis ball king, I picked air balls for.

I did not get either of the dogs the Kong treat dispenser toys because these two would much rather live on treats and table scraps than dog food and I don't want to encourage that. I'm thinking that a couple of cookies in their bowls with some dog food is a better option for them if they get hungry.

The crates are identical in everything but size so I'm hoping this eliminates the jealousy issue going on. Bear's crate is bigger than the one we currently have and Wills is smaller. I already have the blankets for them, sooooo, hopefully, in a week we will be set with the crate and dog stuff....I just don't know where I'm going to be putting all of this stuff now! Oh well, we will make it work.

Happy wandering!

The Writer...and her dog, Bear


Sarah said...

Just because you probably need another thing to order ;-P, you might try Susan Garrett's Crate Games dvd ( It makes a game and fun out of being crated, and may help make it less of a punishment. I agree about food/water. Well, water anyway. My dogs eat 2x day, so no need for them to have extra food.

When I came home from running an hour's worth of errands one day, and found my house filled with smoke, I got over the crating fear. Big Nick, who has not been crated for YEARS (he's 9 1/2), was counter surfing, turned on the stove, and knocked some papers and plastic bags onto the burner. Talk about total panic, and a disaster narrowly averted.

It'll be OK, I think whatever is the safest for your dogs is the best option, whether it's being crated or loose in the house. I have Syd and Bree, littermates. Bree can be confined with the corgi boys to the bedroom/bathroom area, and not get into trouble. Syd is still crated when I'm gone.

Hopefully Bear will come to love the crate as his safe haven.

Good luck!

Chris said...

You won't regret the crate training for whatever amount of time you have to do it. It keeps them safe,out of trouble and they do learn that its not a bad thing. Some even like being in it after a while. My boxer when she was young and crated would just go lay in it soemtimes even when I was home.Hopefully you will have good luck with this so your not feeling so guilty.

Irene said...

Sounds like you have found the perfect solution to the jealousy problem and th e getting into the trash problem. They will learn to consider the crates their homes and their safe havens, I have been told.With both of them crated, their should not be any problems. Good luck to all of you.