Monday, October 20, 2008

Day 56

Something happened today that really got me thinking. This morning, I posted my entry and suddenly I was getting views from all over the world within minutes. It was really interesting to watch because this was the first time this had happened to me on the blogger network. I didn't know what was happening or why and it got my brain turning.

Fifty-six days ago, I began this blog about a journey... a "wanderung" I wanted to make with my dog that I didn't even have then. Finding the dog, I became entrenched in the processes of training and working him so that he would be able to make this "wanderung" with me. He's still a long way from being able to make that journey and so am I, but the desire to make it is still there because I think that a journey of this nature is an important thing to do, not because I want to get out there and explore, which I do, but because I think that the world needs somebody out there who is willing to go out there and find the good things that are happening every single day that nobody knows anything about. These thing are little jewels, treasures if you will, hidden away all over the world and nobody ever sees them because they're part of everyday life.

On any given day we can look at our computer screens or on the TV and see horrible things happening on what seems like every square inch of the globe. "The stock market is crashing! We're all gonna die!" "Global warming is killing the planet! We're all gonna die!" "We're running out of oil! We're all gonna die!" "You didn't get the spots out of your laundry! We're all gonna die!" "If you don't vote for this one or that one, you're not a patriot and ...We're all gonna die!"

You know what? I'm sick of that. I really am. Not for nothing but... I'm sick of the hours on end of horrible events with a sixty second human interest montage thrown in for good measure here and there so that we can all go to bed feeling warm and fuzzy in the full knowledge that its okay because .... "We're all gonna die!"

Guess what, people. Part of living is dying and, yes, when the time comes, all of us are going to die.

That's life. Get over it.

The thing that gets to me about all of this, though, is that we ,as a people, are so focused on the catastrophe of the moment that the moments we are living get lost in these catastrophes and lives are going by without having ever really experienced any of the treasure that makes life worth living for. These moment and relationships are really what life is about and people are completely missing them because they are so caught up in an endless global catastrophic moment that, in the grander scheme of things, they really can't do a whole bunch about...and to me, that is heartbreaking.

So in thinking about all of this, and seeing the great flux in my stats this morning, I wondered what I would do if I had this blog and these moments to say something significant to humanity. What is the thing I would want to show the world in this moment that I am living in right now? Not surprisingly, I realized that I would want to show them and share with them the treasures I have in my life, so that they would know they weren't alone in this world and that it really is okay to feel good about things too...and I'd want Bear to do it with me.

So this week, that's what I'm going to do.

Today is a simple treasure that I noticed when I drove up to the house from work. Its a color, a really special color to me. There is an orange that happens to sugar maple trees this time of year that only happens when the light is shining just right and the moment is right there. It only lasts for a few moments every year, but I saw it on the maple by the driveway today as I turned in to park. I ran inside, let the dogs out of their crates, grabbed the camera and the dogs and while they had their time to stretch, I reached out with the camera and snatched that treasure for my own. Now, I want to share it with you...and go make some phone calls because there are more hidden treasures around here that I want the world to know about this week.

Happy wandering!

The Writer...and her dog, Bear


Katherine Mikshenas said...

Beautiful post. It really made me think and appreciate all that I have instead of wasting time complaining about silly little things that really don't matter. Beautiful tree too! You must really enjoy the peace it brings forth. Have a great evening and give a hug to Bear for me.


~Marie~ said...

This is a wonderful blog! It really gets the brain moving. I try not to focus on the negative things and look at the positive. It sucked I didn't get the job at CBS, but I have something better to look forward to. My mom has MS and it stresses out everyone in the family, but she's still with us. There are so many more positives than negatives, all you have to do is look.

BTW, That picture is awesome.

CC said...

Wonderful story posting. I truly beleive you have obtained the goal of looking beyond the horror we see and hear everyday and siing the beauty in all that surrounds us. The beautiful picture you posted is proof.

Irene said...

Thank you for that special blog and the wonderful photograph to go with it. I too do and stop to watch the minute things that put the awe back in my day and my little insignificant life.

saratogajean said...

Isn't it crazy? 56 days!

And kudos to you for actually getting a picture. Usually I'm too busy looking for my camera to appreciate the moment.