Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Day 64

Just got the call. Bear has "wonderful" blood and the surgery is set for first thing Friday morning. This tells me two things. First, the vet probably snuck in the DNA test and is really tickled about what he found because it probably confirms that Bear is a 100% purebred all American web footed mutt and he must have really impressed them because he was bumped to the front of the line for the surgery!

All of that aside, something more exciting is happening now and I hope the power doesn't go out before I finish writing this. We are having what looks to be the first snow of the year today. Combine a wind more powerful that "the blusteries" from the other day and snow instead of rain and you've got the idea of what's happening only this one is taking down trees all over the place. It hasn't laid here yet, but I'm hoping by tomorrow it will. It's an interesting storm because there is a snowline that is just above us with it. Earlier, I could look over to the mountains acrosss the way and see it clearly, but it's snowing and blowing too hard to see over there now. I'm hoping that by late tonight and definitely in the morning there will be enough to let Bear go out and play in! Because he was born last spring, he hasn't seen a snow. This will be his first and we get to be a part of it! He wasn't really much impressed when we went out to go hurry earlier, but once it's on the ground, I think he's going to have a blast!!!

Willie really isn't very much of a snow beast. He gets cold really quickly and the snow clumps up in his paws and fur. Bear, on the other hand, looks to be bred for it! I think we're going to find out about that pretty soon!

Happy wandering!

The Writer...and her dog, Bear


~Marie~ said...

Wonderful news about the bloodwork! And how exciting to see Bear see and expeience his first snow. When I got Peanut teutered, it was in the winter and it snowed... it was his first experience with it. Pretty funny, because he had to wear a cone, and would flip the snow in the air with the cone. LOL And even though Peanut is 18 pounds and gets cold in the snow, if it's deep enough he makes snow tunnels and runs wild through them.

Hard to believe it's almost snow time.... They are calling for it to flurry tomoorrow here in Maryland. It's supposed to be in the 40's...Brrrrrr

Katherine Mikshenas said...

I am so happy about the bloodwork. I will be praying for Bear for his surgery to go smooth. Happy Halloween! I don't like it much either and we don't have any kids to come for candy. My husband bought some just in case that we will probably end up eating. Anyway, Hugs to Bear and William and Have a great evening.