Sunday, August 31, 2008

Day 7


Well I'm bummed. I spent a while today online looking for the "dog of my dreams" and I actually thought I had found one...but they didn't. The dog has joint problems and probably wouldn't hold up to the kind of walking we'd be doing.

Glucosamine anyone?

Anyway, the search continues and I'm morbidly depressed because I was actually hoping to get my daughter's dog down to in the immediate future. I'm thinking that having this endless situation with her dog interned here is not such a good thing for me and we need to begin solidifying plans for getting him to her so that I can get on with my life. It would seem so at least.

In other areas, the husband is getting into this idea with me and is helping me in the endeavor. It's kind of fun to be looking at this with him and exploring the different options we can pursue with it! I've also discovered, through some of the readers who have visited, this thing called "geocaching" which might be a really fun aspect to add to the entire idea. While I'm not quite sure about climbing Mt. Everest, finding out if there are some less remote caches might be big fun! Thus, we are adding GPS companies to the list of possible sponsors for our project.

Another area of exploration was "The American Walking Dog Association."

There isn't one.

I think there should be because there might be other people out there who want to take their dogs wandering as well. I think I should talk to that Dog Whisperer guy about this because, not for nothing but, there should be a network out there for people who want to go places with their dogs that neither they, nor their dogs, have to jump through hoops and win blue ribbons to be able to participate in.

Oh well...

The Writer...and her dog that she, unfortunately, did not find today.

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