Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Day 3


So moving right along here, I am on day three of my journey. Aside from the "technical difficulties" encountered with the Blogger computer, I am encountering other unforeseen "challenges" to my plan here. In discussing the concept of this idea with my spouse, it has come to my attention that he does not intend to get onto an airplane...ever again. That does pose a problem with walking all over the planet because there are these things called oceans that I am not capable of walking across and unless there has been a universal act of divination that I have no knowledge of on his part, he can't either.

He suggested we cross these aquatic wonders by boat.

There's an analogy here.

The Writer detests boats as to her spouse detests airplanes.

That covers the situation accurately.

I love water, I just hate boats. After spending a lot of time on boats as a child in open water and, well, let's be honest here, my idea of hell is being trapped on a boat with no land in sight in either the doldrums or a storm, both of which I have experienced, I have no intention of ever getting on a boat again. Thus, any destinations outside of North America I will probably have to traverse alone, or have him meet me en route because I cannot visualize myself hanging around for two weeks waiting for his boat to come in.

This is one of the reasons why I will need a dog who is capable of and wants to walk all over the planet with me...which I still do not have...because I still have my daughter's very large, black dog...that could use some training...and a bath...but comes right back when I call him no matter what...and follows me everywhere...and could really use someone who is around for him to follow...and has a good heart...and gets along with my husband's dog...knows me inside and house broken...and I trust...

I think I need to think about this a bit...and email my daughter.

Happy wanderings!

The Writer and her dog...who might be here and might not.

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