Thursday, August 28, 2008

Day 4


Day 4 is begun and going. My daughter is speaking to me again. She called last night and we talked for quite a while, much to her father's chagrin. It's interesting, the relationships we have with our children. I was very close to our sons until they were late teens, at which point I became the dreaded "Mom Monster" and there was no torture too cruel to submit me to. It was hard because my husband was deployed at the time and, at least in our house, that seemed to be the time they needed him most. With our daughter, it's the opposite. He's the "Dad Monster" and she and I are more like friends. It's really pretty wonderful and speaks volumes for having children of both genders.

Anyway, she doesn't hate me for asking about her dog...although it did piss her off a bit...which brings me back to the entire issue of the dog, which still isn't, and making a plan to get her dog down to her so that I can find this dog that I know is waiting to go wander the world with me.

This does prove to be problematic as we are definitely not going to fly my daughter's dog, and all of her furniture, down to her. Thus we are going to have to drive. The spouse does have a truck which will fit the furniture, however, her dog is not going to ride in the back of an open pickup for the 15 hours it will take to get there. He will not be able to sit in the cab with us as he is... large, and neither of us can fit in the cab with him. This does indicate that we will need two vehicles to get the dog and her furniture down to her. The problem with that is that after having the breaks, $300, and fuel pump, $670, replaced on my vehicle, I now need to have the bearings redone before I can take it on any significant trips...which will entail roughly another $652.91.

The car is two years old and has 46,000 miles on it.

I will never buy a Chevy again.

As this is the situation with the car, I have decided that a meaningless job is in order to fund the repairs to the car which are necessary before being able to embark on the delivery of my daughter's dog and furniture and thus have been creating wonderful documents of resume all morning.

Oh, the joy of being an unemployed writer!

Actually, I'm hoping to hear from one of the places that I have submitted work to this summer within the near to immediate future. It would make my life much more meaningful if this were to happen, but in the event it does not, and morbid depression ensues because I will be relegated back into the realms of the unpublished again, I will at least have a meaningless job with which to accomplish my grander dream of wandering the world with my dog that seems to be consistently absent lately.

And the viscous circle of life continues to rotate around and around and around...

Happy wanderings!

The Writer ... and her dog... that is nowhere in the picture yet.

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