Saturday, August 30, 2008

Day 6


Ah, the tales of the eliptical machine... and my daughter's dog... He does not even go into her bedroom anymore while I work in the sewing room up there. He sleeps on my son's bed after bypassing her empty bedroom. Today was different though. I awoke this morning, determined to at least begin my new regime in order to "train" for my wandering around the world with the Leonburger who is still not present.

I spent an hour kabitzing with the spouse, checking the news, having a cigarette and, eventually, got into my shorts and t-shirt, climbed the stairs and walked into my daughter's room which now contains the "torture machine of doom." I mounted the machine and started the timer...while my daughter's dog stood dutifully beside me.

Actually made five minutes on the thing which completely surprised me!

My legs feel quite a bit better and I was actually able to get some work done today for like the first time in a week. It's still hard for me to go up there with the empty bedrooms...

So, when I finished my exercise in masochism on the "torture machine of doom," my daughter's dog and I left the room and had a pretty productive day...until the mail came with no acceptance letter and I checked the emailed list from the place I submitted to and was...decidedly not on it.

Morbid depression ensues...which seems to be the lot for unemployed writer's these days.

So I keep writing and submitting, sending out resume's and working on the sponsor list...

Happy wandering!

The Writer...and her dog...that is still not present.


cosmiccowgirl said...

Well I stumbled on this because I was looking for other bloggers interested in dogs. I wish I had known you needed a dog, a dog was here last week that I had t otake away, having no room with my other two dogs, which would be completely worthless for wandering around the world. One is too old and the other too bold. Good luck with the wanderings, sounds interesting. I read all the days so far.

Hick@Heart said...

It sounds to me like you have a dog. Just stop calling it your daughter's dog and start taking it with you. Month and years could pass by while your looking at a dog that doesn't feel like your own. I believe you are feeding it and boarding it so go pet "your" dog and say, "Hi there, boy. Let's go for a walk."