Thursday, November 20, 2008

Day 82-84

So life goes onward here. The job is requiring more time at present, but that's okay for now. The husband is off this week and next week is a short week because of the holiday, so Bear is getting pretty spoiled here. A friend is coming over in the mornings to go hunting with the husband which is giving Bear a lot of door greeting practice which is excellent for him, especially since I'm still sleeping at arrival time. Barking has not been a part of the picture for either of the dogs, which is really nice!

We've been using the ball quite a bit and doing off leash yard time with both of the dogs as running beyond the bounds of the yard is out of the question right now. We find that as long as there is a focus for the dogs, they stay pretty close and ball is a great focus for them.

Bear has taken to bringing in large chunks of branches that have fallen from the trees this week which is gangs of fun and is giving the vacuum cleaner a good workout. These are great "prizes" to him that he really seems to enjoy collecting. Each is special to him and hidden throughout the house. He's also getting much more comfortable with his crate, wandering in and out at whim, although I haven't seen him curl up for a nap in there on his own yet.

Biggest event for the dogs this week was that, as the grass is dying back, we are beginning to find all of the lost balls and their absolute favorite, the Kong bouncy ball, was found by Bear on one of our walks. It had rolled into the trench by the road. He spotted it and proudly brought it back to show off to The William, who promptly too possession of it and has yet to relinquish.

We found the ball on Tuesday.

Happy Wandering!

The Writer ... and her dog, Bear


The Boisterous Butterfly said...

That's what I miss about the Überhund. He does not get excited about a ball or any sort of toy. He just doesn't give a hoot. I got him when he was 7 years old and I don't know his history, but it is as though he was not allowed to play and have fun. It's a great shame, because I would love to have a game of tug and war with him.

Chris said...

Sounds like Bear and William are having all kinds of fun. They sound very happy and content!!!

saratogajean said...

In Michigan, the brief period of time between the grass dying and the snow falling was known as "The 15 Minutes in Which To Find All Lost Toys Which Have Escaped Into The Yard."

It was anticipated with much excitement each year.

Luck O' The Labrador said...

I totally relate to your story about the branches in the house. We have a woodburning stove and a small basket that has kindling in it. Finn does not understand the difference between chewing on sticks inside the house versus chewing on sticks outside the house. They are all the same to him, much to the regret of my vacuum!

Katherine Mikshenas said...

Kiely tries to grab a few branches every time we go for a walk. We live on a dirt road with lots and lots of trees. With the wind all week there are plenty of branches that have fallen. Kiely has been in her glory. Hope you, your family, Bear and William have a great and very Happy Thanksgiving!

~Marie~ said...

Ha, sounds like things are going great and Bear and William are having all kinds of fun.

Today I had to toss one of Peanut's toys as he was ripping it open. He looked so sad, yet forgot all about it when I gave him a sweet potato treat. Ha ha