Sunday, November 2, 2008

Day 69

And Bear does not deal well with pain killers!

Having finally gotten over the effects of the anesthesia, Bear was feeling pretty uncomfortable by this afternoon, so when the husband got home, we gave him one of the pain killers that the vet gave us for him. This proved to be a mistake for several reasons, but primarily because, rather than calming him down, it wound him right up like a clock! Granted, he felt no pain but he also lost all self control in area of contenance and has turned into the ADD/ADHD 70 pound puppy... with stitches.

This is not a good situation and thus, we have decided no more pain meds for Bear!

He is eating better as I have added canned food to his normal fare, but is still not feeling the greatest. He's still breathing through his nose quite a bit, which is nice for him! Its just going to take some time, I think.

Happy wandering!

The Writer...and her dog, Bear


saratogajean said...

Puppies+recovery=tough time

Don't you wish you could explain that it really would be best to just be quiet for a few days?

Chris said...

GLad to hear Bear is doing better. He will be back to his old self before you know it. One thing about young dogs they usually bounce back fairly fast.

~Marie~ said...

Oh my! Peanut had the same issue when the vet gave him steriods for a compressed disk in his back he got from jumping off something.

But I am glad to hear Bear is doing better. He will hopefully be back to his old self soon!

Katherine Mikshenas said...

Please give Bear a big hug for me and tell him we are praying for him. Please also give William a hug for being such a great sport and being there for Bear. God bless Bear and William and God bless you.

CC said...

I am glad to hear Bear is doing better and just know that he will be his oldself again soon. You are a great dog mom!

The Boisterous Butterfly-by said...

The painkiller is probably too strong for him and you are right not giving it or only giving him half of it. Maybe your vet is not very good at guesstimating ratio medication/weight. It seems like Bear is getting too much of everything. He will be alright shortly. The Uberhund always takes a few days to get back to normal. Good luck!